Christmas is in the Air

We may not have snow on the ground yet but our beautiful Rockies are filled with fresh powder snow.

We are not going to wait for our yards and streets to be filled with snow to start thinking Christmas. Every year the plan is to get a head start so the last few weeks before the BIG DAY aren't too stressful. 

Christmas lists are a work in progress, baking plan is also already on a list, decorations well as tradition has it I like to wait till after Remembrance day. But the very next I start decorating, little by little. The Christmas tunes through out the house, Christmas scented candles burning to get me and everyone else in the festive mood. (I usually end up being the only one that perseveres day in and day out 'till its all done)

We at Giosia Home are not only ready with our beautiful Christmas tablescapes, but yours will arrive in a beautiful packaged box and ready to be set in your beautiful home, there is nothing else for you to do - unless you want to add some of your own decorations which would make it even more special.

Leave it out all season as your table decoration! Why not! its only Christmas once a year.

We've taken the stress out of your table decor, all you have to worry about is the dinner! 

Every Centerpiece in our collection of tablescapes can be moved to any other surface in your home; your coffee tables, your island, your counter, your dining hutch the possibilities are endless.

You'll probably have to move it come the big dinner night because we know that your table will be filled with delicious traditional Christmas dishes and new ones that you've been dying to try. 

Go ahead and have fun with it, share some pictures tag us on our Social media pages.

We will be posting our own decor


Thanks for reading 

Patrizia and Anu

P.S.: doesn't this image make you feel like cozying up on your couch with a comfy blanket and a great book!