We are Giosia.

Born from the idea that every day is worth celebrating, giosia home is an online destination for stylish wares. As founders and friends, Patrizia and Anu’s natural chemistry is rooted in their passion for family, good food, and joyful encounters. They take a playful and accessible approach to home décor: think attainable opulence with a dose of simplicity. Their distinct but complementary tapestry of styles meets at the intersection of functionality and flair, feeding their mission to infuse warmth and sophistication into kitchens and homes everywhere.

Giosia home is synonymous with easy indulgence. It’s important to savour your space, and it all starts with defining what it means to ‘set the table.’ Recapture the joy of mealtime, start new traditions. Host your family, throw yourself a party: dining in is the new dining out. Whether you’re starting with a blank slate, or looking to upgrade or make a statement, your space should reflect your story and your values. It’s about layering-in key pieces, dressing them up or dressing them down. And about introducing beautiful things to your home--not just more things.

Giosia home: savour your space

Anu Rishi

Patrizia would describe my style as warm, elemental, and elegant...with an edge!

I am the oldest of four girls, and I'm a nurturer at heart. My enthusiasm for food and traditions started young and runs deep. It is woven from my Indian heritage and my childhood in England...and Edmonton! I love to express myself through fashion and design, and my home reflects the values that matter most to me: a balance of kindness, joy--and delicious food.

Family is everything, and giosia is a gesture of my love for them. There is always room for more at my table.

Patrizia Ruggieri

Anu would describe me as authentic and fancy and kind—and not afraid to express myself!

Growing up in Quebec in a warm and inviting Italian household, I was taught that the table comes first. It was the hub where we all connected, had conversations, and meals didn't start until the whole family was there. Today, my childhood traditions are alive and well in my own home—with a splash of gorgeous! Mealtime is sacred, and cooking and entertaining is my love language—sometimes I set our dining room table weeks before a holiday dinner. Why not? For me, Giosia is a natural extension of the joy I experience from my family, and sharing food in a beautiful setting. It’s never too late to learn about good manners and great style.