Woven Seagrass Cage Glassware (Set of 4)


Woven seagrass meets recycled glassware in this collection. Inspired by a drink ware collection from the roaring twenties.

These exquisite pieces scream idyllic summer days like no other drink ware. This glassware is sublime for serving iced tea in the afternoon or a cocktail or water in the evenings and will make you feel like you’re on vacation every time.

You’ll be reaching out for these all summer long!

Old Fashion Tumbler
4.5” High x 3.75” Diameter

(11.5 oz pretty pour and 15 oz brim pour)

6”High  x 3.75” Diameter

(15 oz pretty pour and 19 oz brim pour)

To wash, simply slip the seagrass wrap off and put the glasses safely in the dishwasher.

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